Changes That Can Increase Your Home’s Value by up to Ten Per Cent

Changes That Can Increase Your Home's Value by up to Ten Per Cent

Selling a home is an often stressful experience, but there are a few changes which homeowners can make to ensure they achieve the right price.

Making a few changes to your home can be relatively cheap but can increase the value of your home by around ten per cent.

First Impressions

Due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it is currently a difficult time to sell your property, with values dipping by 3.8 per cent in London.

When adding value to your property, some changes can even be free. A simple declutter around your home can help increase the price of your home. Can instantly make your home look more attractive to potential buyers.

First impressions are crucial to house buyers, so ensuring your home is free from excessive clutter is vital. If your home is more minimal in style, the rooms will appear bigger. Tasks such as panting the outside of the home also give it a cleaner appearance.

A fresh layer of paint inside can also help liven up your home and increase its value, according to property experts. Choose a neutral shade, as this will help buyers envision how they can make the home their own.

Adding a Loft Conversion or Extension

There are also more expensive ways to increase your home’s value if you have the budget to do so. Adding more space with an extension or loft conversion will drive up its value greatly.

Consider also renovating your bathroom or kitchen to a modern standard if it appears dated. This will ensure your home seems more appealing. For a cheaper alternative, re-grouting the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen will make sure they appear fresh and new.

Double Glazing

Double glazing, such as Gloucester double glazing, is one of the key additions that home buyers look for, so it is essential that your windows are replaced in order to increase the value of your home.

Changes That Can Increase Your Home's Value by up to Ten Per Cent

In Gloucestershire, Gloucester double glazing can provide the perfect solution for windows in your home.

Fix Maintenance Issues

Ensure that you fix any niggling maintenance issues that you have been putting off. These include small problems which may be crucial for buyers, such as squeaking floors, dripping taps or sticking doors, which can all leave a negative impression on potential buyers.